All In Due Time When Working Recovery

Sort Itself Out In Due Time

Due Time In Recovery

So, we hear everything happens in due time when working our recovery?  I’ve been sitting around with a feeliing of, “Now What?” in terms of my recovery.  It’s a very uncomfortable feeling.  I’m currently reading a book about working the 6th and 7th steps.  I thought Steps 4 and 5 were uncomfortable, but this is a different level of uncomfortability.  An anticlimactic feeling of stagnation.

Make A Gratitude List

So of course I tried the obvious suggestions… “Make a Gratitude List”, “Work with a Newcomer”, and neither of those seemed to slake my ennui.  So, I began introspection and shared my feelings in a meeting.

Unexpected Insights

When I shared in a meeting I got some insights I was not expecting.  A friend suggested that it is my disease that’s got me feeling all “Now What”.  Another friend, whose recovery has been difficult and spotty, had some unexpected wisdom.  He said that one  of his sponsor’s said, “Complacency is the breeding ground of Craving.”  That’s when it struck me that what I’ve been feeling IS complacency.

Reexamine My Recovery

After that awakening I began to reexamine my part in my recovery… Do I stay sober? Check.  Do I go to meetings? Check.  Do I work my steps? Check.  Do I call my sponsor? Check.  Do I carry the message wherever I go?  Check.  So where was I going wrong that I’m experiencing these doldrums of complacency?

Learn By Teaching

Then it hit me.  I need to start sponsoring.  There is no better way to learn something than by teaching it to someone else.  Sponsoring a newcomer will certainly help me to put my own recovery under the microscope; exposing both the strengths and weaknesses.  But where, when, and how would I find someone in need of my sophomoric understanding of the Steps?

Sort Itself Out In Due Time

So this is as far as I’ve gotten in my quest to move forward to the next phase of my development.  I know that the God of my Understanding will put a newcomer in my path in due time.   But until then I just need to redouble my efforts toward completing my steps and becoming the best version of myself that I can be.  The rest of it will sort itself out in due time.
Thanks for reading.  Best wishes on your journey.