Ten Months Clean & Sober

Higher Power

Gifts in Recovery

Day 310 clean and sober in my recovery.  10 months and 4 days since I last used.  It seems like another lifetime, almost.  I owe much of the gifts in recovery to Angie and the Da Vinci Home.

Faith in Higher Power

     Today I struggle with a career change.  I’ve been working for a small recycling company.  It’s been a good, close by, and honest way to make a living.  Unfortunately, my wrists are taking a beating and I’ve been nursing a strain nearly a week.  This is causing me some distress as this recycling job has been paying my bills for several months now.  I’ve taken the day off to rest my injured joints and to look for a new job.  I hope to find one that won’t cause physical or mental harm to me.  Although I’m pretty bummed out over the job situation, I’m overall in pretty good spirits.  I know that if I continue to do the next right thing and put in the footwork that my Higher Power will take care of the details.  I didn’t always have faith; but I do now.

Grateful Today

     Coming to Da Vinci has changed my life for the better.  I was in a toxic living arrangement before I came here.  Angie took me in and gave me a bedroom with a door.  A door may seem pretty basic to the average person, but for me it means the world.  I didn’t have a job when I came here.  And I’ve been through several since I’ve come here.  But Angie hasn’t lost faith in me and I’ve been doing my best to meet my responsibilities.  I had’t seen either of my children in months.  But, through Angie and Da Vinci, my daughter spent her Christmas Break with me.  The other girls here made her feel welcome and comfortable.   I am hugely grateful for the amazing gifts that recovery and Da Vinci have given me.
    So I’m trucking along on this road to recovery ever mindful of the bottom that brought me to the rooms.  Each gift is a blessing.  Each trouble is a lesson.  But my will is aligned now with the Creative Consciousness and I know that All will be Well.