Gratitude Just Keeps Going

Gratitude Just Keeps Going

More and More

My name is Lauren and I am an addict. I have been clean just about eleven months. For me, Recovery is number one In my life right now because whatever I put before it I will lose. I know I speak a lot on gratitude but everyday that passes there’s more and more to be grateful for.

A Young Man In The Making

I’m grateful for my relationship with my son today. I am able to be a real mom and spend time with him, teach him things and raise him to be a well mannered young man. Right now he’s having some health issues and we have had to go back and forth to the doctors, and I’m able to be there for him at the doctors.

Beautiful Relationships

I’m grateful for my support group and my sponsor. I have never felt closer with a group of females in my life. If I need someone to talk to, my sponsor Is always there.  And if I can’t reach her, I have a network of woman that actually care and take time out of there day to talk to me. I cannot explain the amount of gratitude I hold for such beautiful relationships.

Road to Success

I’m also grateful that I have a job. Seems like now a days it’s hard for some to find a job, and I have been at my job for almost three years now. Sometimes it’s hard for me to appreciate my job because all of the stress.  But I have to look for the positive in everything, and the fact that I even have a job.  There are so many reasons to be grateful and I would not trade my life for anything.  My gratitude just keeps going.

Grateful recovering addict, Lauren

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