How To Have Spirituality In Recovery

Spirituality in recovery

How To Have Spirituality In Recovery

     I can’t say that I’m some guru in spirituality  or expert on religion by any means. In fact I’d go as far as to say that I’m still very much so a novice. Which I hope this doesn’t make me sounds like I’m coming to summit on Mt stupid. I’ll try and keep my opinions strictly to what I have found in my recent endeavors into spiritually.  And this is how to have spirituality in recovery.  This seems to be a bit of an overwhelming maybe ambitious statement.
Spirituality in recovery
I’m still a novice, so I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m coming to summit on mount stupid.

I believe that spirituality is actually a very easy thing to find. My belief is you actually have to go out of your way to ignore it. From a very early age we are subjected to spiritual teachings in the form of religion. Which for many actually turns into a sore topic. I myself have gone through my “Agnostic/Atheist” phases.

Becoming More Open Minded

For me religion at first was a huge turn off, so when I decided to work on my spiritual self, I went to build a god work shop. I picked and pulled from different religions to figure out which best fit me. I could easily write off some religions as wrong or some religions were just “too far out there” for me. After dabbling, reading, and practicing I found myself subscribing to more and more. Eventually I realized that I was just simply becoming more open minded. Then I came to this realization, There is no right or wrong religion as long as those religions follow spiritual principles. You’ll find that most religions actually over lap in many ways. Its just different ways to practice these spiritual principles. Most every religion has the “gold rule.”

Do Not Look For Spirituality In Material Things

Spirituality, this is a difficult thing to describe. Abstract, foreign, alien? Spirituality for me is the thing that fills the void. We’re constantly sold the narrative that “money can’t buy you happiness.” So if material things can’t make me happy what can? For me I’ve always lived a pretty good life. No struggles, naturally gifted in many ways. Here’s the thing though, I always felt like I needed more. This is easily described in Buddhism as the four noble truths. 1. There is suffering. 2. The origin of suffering is desire. 3. There is a way to stop desire. 4.To stop desire follow the 8 fold path. Even in Christianity Jesus talks about desire and greed. “Watch out! Be on your guard of all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions” Luke 12:15

A wonderful Journey That Never Has To End

With this being said we’ve figured out that we’ve been chasing the wrong thing this entire time. As I’ve mentioned before, spirituality is the thing that fills the void. I’ve had a lot and felt empty and I have had little and I felt full. There are many ways to feed your spiritual being and it is up to you to figure out how. There are many wonderful enlightening ways to go about this. So many wonderful journeys to take. The coolest thing about this journey is that it never has to end.

Recovering addict,