Recovery First In My Life

Recovery first in my Life

Recovery First In My Life

My name is Lauren and I have been clean for a little over 5 months now. Things have gotten so much better since I have put recovery first in my life. This time around I have really been working on myself. I know what I do and don’t tolerate.  And so I have had to cut out a lot of negative people in my life. This meant loving the people I care about from a distance. Right now I am working two jobs and sincerely trying to make the balance between my work, my son, meetings, and relationships. I think I’ve been able to really maintain it all but I’m just hoping I don’t become overwhelmed. I know that anything I put before my recovery I will lose.

Relationships I could Loose If I loose Recovery

Right now I’m in a great relationship with my best friend.   Things have been better this time around with us because we chose to do something different.  I am trying to build a good relationship with my son and sometimes it’s really hard.  And that’s because my son’s father can be areal jerk sometimes. When my son does come over I get to show him the real mommy. From teaching him things to catching lizards.  We always have a great time. The bond between a mother and son can never be broken and I make sure to let him know how much I really do love him.

Digging Deep In Recovery

I just got finished with my second step and will be starting my third step soon. Working the steps really helps me in my recovery, especially because it lets me dig deep and deal with the underlying issues that I never wanted to deal with. I have an amazing support group and women that I can call just to talk. I’m still living at Da Vinci and I have been here for almost a year. I feel like at this moment it’s a safe place for me to be and I like being surrounded by women that have the same goals that I do. Just for today I have no complaints and I am clean by the grace of God.
Grateful recovering addict, Lauren