Recovery Life Check In


Recovery Life Check In

I’m just checking in with my recovery life.  The way my life is going right now I wouldn’t change for the world. When I choose to look at the positive rather then the negative my whole mindset changes. Not everyday is all rainbows and ponies but everyday clean is better then any day I had using. I have been going through a situation with my son’s father and I was recently served child support papers. My first thought was to retaliate but then I prayed about it and put it in my higher powers hands. I am still waiting to see where we are going to go from here but I am no longer stressing about it.

On A Good Note

On a good note I have gained a lot of friendships lately and have friends here that I’m able to talk to when I can’t reach my sponsor. Today I have best friends that are women.  Never did I think I would befriend a woman again after my best friend passed. I have people that truly care about me and sincerely ask how my day is and know when I need to someone to talk to verses needing to just be alone.

My Life Is Amazing

I’m working two jobs but my schedules haven’t been clashing to much lately, because I asked for some leeway.  My request was to not to be scheduled crazy closing shifts since I have to be up early to open. Right now I don’t see my son as much as I would like but in time things are going to change. My life is amazing and I couldn’t do it without NA my support group and my friends who have turned into family.  I am an addict.  And I have been clean for a little over seven months now.

Grateful recovering addict , Lauren

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