Recovery Works If You Work It

Simple Program
It Works If You Work IT

Hi my names Nikki I’m an addict. Today is 44  days clean! I’m so grateful for my life today. This program works if you work it. I just finished step one. It was a very emotional step for me but a relief also. I actually got stuck in the middle of the step because writing down all that fucked up shit I’ve done and all the shit I’ve done in my active addiction was really hard for me. I cried, laughed, prayed, asked my higher power for forgiveness, called my sponsor and talked to my support group.

Made It Through

By doing those things I pushed through and kept going and made it through. I see the growth in myself and so do others. Completely surrendering to my addiction and accepting my past and surrendering to Narcotics Anonymous, I’m building the foundation to my recovery. This is the first time I’m doing the suggestions everyone tells you about when you go to meetings. It’s a simple program and now I understand that slogan “keep it simple”.

For The First Time, I worked the Program

This is my first time doing the steps thoroughly, I utilize my sponsor and my support group, I go to meetings regularly, I do service work.  I’ve seen the gifts of recovery in my life as a result of doing all these things that were suggested.  I have friendships back in my life today that I thought I lost and it feels amazing.   I’ve built great friendships with other people. I’m getting my family back like on Thanksgiving.  I was also invited over there and spent all day with my family.  Like little things from going shopping with my sister and niece and going to get lunch together.  Due to my pop-pop being in a nursing home this year we brought him thanksgiving dinner. My niece told me she loved me yesterday. I don’t even remember the last time I heard that. I’m truly blessed.

I Made It Back

Recovery is an amazing thing and I’m so grateful I made it back. I live in a Sober living house with 9 other women. They are all amazing in their own ways. Everyday when I go to a meeting I always hear what I need to hear. Meetings help keep me clean and I always feel better afterwards. I look forward going to them.  Life is good today.

I Choose To Live

Today I choose to live! I’m happy and comfortable with myself  and everyday I’m going to continue this new way of life. They say one promise, many gifts. That promise just for today I don’t have a desire to use. That has been lifted. I’m excited to keep growing on my recovery. Miracles happen everyday. Don’t ever give up. I’m a miracle and so are you. Trust your struggle. The best is yet to come…

A grateful recovering addict, Nikki

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