Sober living and tattoos

Tattoos and Recovery

As an owner of a home for sober living or a recovery house, often my clients will go through moments of what I call cabin fever.

In early recovery there is so much an addict must face.  Most have legal issues from Child protective service or actual criminal cases.  In addition, a whole way of life has been given up.  We often say that,

The only thing that has to change is everything.

 But  this often leaves my clients feeling restless, irritable, discontent and bored. Mostly in a support group we teach each other new coping skills such as,

Move a muscle change a thought

But when I hear a steady trend, I try to guide it, not kill it.  The video above is the second tattoo party held at Da Vinci Home.   The first was such a great success, we did it again.

I guide it as best I can.  Two weeks before the party, they show and share with one another a small tattoo idea they have, and discuss how much it will cost.  There is no rush because we will certainly have another party.  Importantly what they are choosing to have put on their bodies permanently is discussed and guided by their support as well as their finances.

Then of course we choose an artist that is trust worthy and uses safe practices.  We make food and generally enjoy the day even if a tattoo isn’t in the cards for everyone.

Also it is a way to unify everyone to do something fun even those who can not par-take in outside events due to community control or other reasons.

I truly love what I do. Allowing the girls to have a break from the grieving they are doing, from letting go of so much to have a new life in recovery, is a small but blessed moment.

It may be unconventional for sober living and tattoos, but there was nothing conventional about having a sober home in the first place.

Sober Living and tattoos
Sober living and recovery

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