Step Three in Recovery

Starting Step Three

Close Minded to Step Work

My name is Lauren and I am an addict. I have been clean for almost 9 months. My commitment to recovery has been what has saved my ass for the last 9 months. In the beginning I was so close minded, especially towards my step work. I always wondered how writing down everything would to help me in my recovery. But as I continue working the steps, I have realized that my step work is crucial to my recovery.

Working Step Three

I just finished up three and I’m going on to step four.  For me this time I’ve been able to honestly work the steps and dig deep. The spiritual principles that I’ve had to practice mainly our honesty open-mindedness and willingness. But the biggest one which entails step three is commitment. Step work is absolutely crucial to my recovery, but there are other things that I also need to do to maintain my commitment to recovery.

Service Commitments

One of those is service work. I always make sure I pick up a service commitment within my home group. My last commandment was giving out key tags.  This month my commitment is to chair the meeting. Picking up a commitment like that keeps my butt in check, and it also makes me feel a part of something bigger.  Something outside of myself. I’ve also talked to my sponsor and she feels as if I should pick up a commitment outside my home group as well. So the next couple months I’m going to try to go into the detox and speak with other addicts that are trying to get clean. I’ve been through a lot and my story may help someone else. Talking about my Experience, Strength and Hope may just save the life of another addict as it did mine when I heard somebody else.

Turn My Will Over

My recovery is everything to me, and I have to stay humble because everything that I have gotten back and everything I have learned has been because I chose to put my recovery first. So I know that anything that goes before my recovery I will lose. I have things going on in my life, but I turn my will over to my Higher Power and ask for guidance for help with these things that are out of my control, and I know things will be okay when they are supposed to be. My life is a journey and I’m glad I get to experience it clean.

Grateful recovering addict, Lauren.

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