Transitional Home

Da Vinci Home LLC offers a safe supportive  and structured sober living.  It is our goal to promote sobriety, self sufficiency and integrity.  Most importantly it is a home that is support and comfort in the hard times and accountability to others on the same journey.

It was our vision to create an environment that our clients would not have so much structure that they felt institutionalized and there for making poor decisions to move on before they were ready or worse move in with other addicts or a "hook up.", but also challenge them enough that growth and independence were encouraged.

Welcome and Reinvent yourself!


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Sober Living

To ensure long term success for our clients we offer guidance with clothing, etiquette and general life skills.  By individualizing our clients needs with goal setting for legal issues, employment and personal relationships we create a measurable precedence of success, giving our clients much needed confidence and sense of community.  Be cause we are a transitional home the goal is always independence.

We celebrate success with our clients and enjoy many opportunities to build self esteem all the while empowering our clients with possibilities of self.


​Welcome and reinvent yourself!

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Addiction Recovery

We will assist our clients with referral sources for counseling, employment opportunity, community self help programs and ultimately independent living and housing. Never forgetting that our clients are in a struggle for their life, we ensure that they make their self help support as well as make necessary medical and psychiatric appointments.  We utilize all our community has to offer for addiction recovery.

Da vinci Home is an excellent opportunity for those seeking addiction recovery to build life skills and and habits using the resources of their community as well as their the new found support to make positive and permanent changes in their lives.

Welcome and reinvent yourself!

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