Able to Learn and Love Myself

Never Alone Again

Able to Learn

My name is Lauren, and I am an addict.  I am coming up on my 9 months clean. During this time of working my program of recovery I have been able to learn who Lauren is.  In the beginning I struggled with who was Lauren. What she likes or what she dislikes, what makes her happy or sad.  I have been able to learn to love myself and face the woman in the mirror.

Growth With The Fourth Step

Today I am able to look at myself and say you are amazing, beautiful and you are out to accomplish great things. I have been able to set goals, and achieve them. I have finally reached the fourth step, which is a step of growth. The fourth step is where I dig deep, to the core, and face things I have buried for far too long. Here I face them to deal with them, so I can heal and move forward with my own self growth.

Never Alone Again

The fellowship in NA say they will love you until you learn to love yourself.  I am here to tell you every bit of that is absolutely true. They have been there through everything and not once did they turn their back on me. I never have to be alone again.  Getting to know Lauren has been a painful, but also exciting journey.  I have so much more yet to learn about myself. This process has been enlightening, and continues to help me realize what I truly deserve today.

Grateful recovering addict, Lauren

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