Unity Brings Us Together

Together we can

Unity Day

My name is Lauren and I am an addict. My clean date is April 29th 2017. Tomorrow will be my 9 months clean. Yesterday January 27th I got to go and experience my first Unity Day brought together by Recovery Coast. Last year I had missed it because I was working all day. This year I took it off weeks in advance. I got to have my kid all weekend and he got to come with me. Unity brings us together.  I can’t even begin to explain in words the type of Serenity this event brought to me.

Together We Can

The unity that Narcotics Anonymous has has been what I feel like I’ve been searching for my whole life. The things we can do as a team, as a family, as a whole are beautiful and without a doubt empowering. There were games such as Fear Factor, Hungry Hippos, and relay races.  Then there were workshops and meetings with some amazing speakers that came to share their Experience, Strength, and Hope. And, it was all for a good cause to raise money for our area.  At the end of the day I couldn’t be more grateful for the family that I have found in Narcotics Anonymous. It makes it even better that my brother is in this journey with me, and experiencing this new way of life. Alone never again. Together we can in unity.

Serene and blessed recovering addict, Lauren

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