A Recovery House

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Living In A Recovery House

Living in a recovery house is an unusual experience.  The statistics indicate that one out of nine people are an addict/alcoholic.  So, just with that statistic just over ten percent  of the population may ever even hear of a recovery house.  And then only less than three percent will ever be a resident of a recovery house.

Unfortunate Circumstances

If you wee fortunate enough to fall on unfortunate circumstances,such as a raging drug addiction or diabolically severe alcoholism, you may have ended up in a recovery house.  It’s definitely a bottom that only the most severely addicted come to enjoy.


I write in jest, but seriously a recovery house is a place where addicts can put their life together again after the devastation of active addiction.  It is place where everyone is also learning to incorporate 12 step recovery in their every day life.  And because there are others doing the same, there is much support and accountability.  Even better, you gain a new set of friends who become family.

Remove the stigma and remove the pressure

My experience with a recovery house was that, I didn’t have to explain my circumstances.  I didn’t feel like the biggest schmuck in the house.  I was surrounded by other women in different phases of their recovery who wanted to see me succeed and had no judgement for where I was.  I met the fiercest friends.  Friends who would sit up at night with me and blow up my phone if I was absent.  They refused to allow me to go back to my old behaviors.  The gave me patience and time to get recovery in my way.

On a winning streak

No one who goes to a recovery house is on a winning streak.  But today I am on a winning streak.  I could never have achieved five years sober without my fierce friends.  It’s a “we” program.  I have had so many wonderful adventures with my friends from a recovery house.  I most importantly continue to journey with these wonderful women.  I will always have them no matter where their journey takes them.  And I would never change that I began my recovery in a recovery house.

Sober living journey
I share an inspiring story with all of these women.