Choosing a Sponsor In a 12 Step

Maintaining Balance

Who is a sponsor?

A sponsor is someone I can confide in, that I trust talking to, that I can be completely honest with. Someone that will help guide me through these steps because I know I can’t do them by myself, some confuse the hell out of me.  Usually I’m nervous about picking up the phone but. I look forward top calling my sponsor. I want that happiness that she has and to have a strong recovery like her. Call me out on my shit and not sugar coat shit. Sponsorship is a corner stone to my recovery.

What does a sponsor do?

First of all they share there experience, strength and hope. Call me out on my shit, help guide me through the twelve steps, the 12 traditions and things 12 concepts. Help me get out of myself.

What does a sponsee do?

Listen and take suggestions with an open mind. I rely on my her to give me a general direction and a new perspective if nothing else, she’s am important sounding board. Sometimes all it takes is saying something out loud top someone else for me to see things differently. Like the other day I was going through some shit and I called my sponsor and she told me it’s building my character. That helped and opened my eyes to see things differently.

How do we get a sponsor?

We ask someone that we like their recovery. I looked for someone honest, open minced and i felt comfortable talking to. In the meetings I watched and listened to what she had to say. And, I looked for someone I connected with and I look forward to getting to know her better and build a relationship with her.

When should we get a sponsor?

This time I wanted top get a sponsor right away. I’m excited to work the steps and learn new things.  So I watched her recovery, how she was on the outside of meetings, last time in recovery I went through 3 sponsors and I didn’t put much into the steps. One sponsor I picked because I thought she was hot, one relapsed on me and the other one had too many commitments was never there for me or answered the phone.

So that’s how I did it and I know the ones before weren’t meant to be. One day being a sponsor to another addict will continue my own recovery.  That is what sponsorship is about.

Nikki P

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