Finding My Balance

From Struggle Comes Strenght

 Finding Balance

I’m Nikki, I’m an addict. Today i have 226 days clean. I’m having a hard time finding my balance between work, family, my service commitments, meetings, step work, friends, family, spending time with my girlfriend and my me time.  The past month I’ve had some struggles I lost a job and then got another one.  My Dad was diagnosed with cancer, and I’m fucking scared.  My dad has always been my rock and has always been by my side through this journey.  I feel like I’m constantly going all day everyday and its exhausting both mentally and physically.

Hope For Treatment

I’ve been having symptoms of my hep c and its taking a toll on my body. I’m in the process of getting treatment.  In about a week I’m going to go get blood work and then I’ll be able to start taking the treatment medication. I’m so excited to get treated and I’m so grateful I found this clinic that does provides treatment for free.

Able To Help Today

My dad got diagnosed and hasn’t been feeling well lately.  I’ve been helping him out on my days off.  I’m grateful for being able to be there for him today clean and sober.

Spreading The Message

I remember when I first got clean, I always had to go go go.  However, now I enjoy being by myself because I’m comfortable with myself today and most of all I love myself today. I usually balance everything well, however I committed to more service commitments this past month.  I’m almost done with step six, I’m the alternate GSR of my home group, a member of PR, I go to detox and share my story once a month, and I really enjoy doing that because that’s where my journey started. I love doing service work it’s giving back what was freely giving to me and saved my life. That’s where I heard the message of Narcotics Anonymous.

From Struggle Comes Strength

Therefore, I’m working on my balance.  Today I’m relaxing all day and taking an easy. I’m grateful for the the struggles because from struggle comes strength.  I know too my higher power wouldn’t give me anything I couldn’t handle.

A grateful recovering addict,  Nikki

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