Road To A Happy Destiny

Magic In My Life

Happy Destiny

So I’m nearly a year into recovery.  I’ve been trudging the road to a happy destiny using 12 step programs.  I’ve even connected with my Higher Power.  All is well.  Don’t get me wrong.  But a few months ago something changed.

Exploring Buddha

My sponsor started watching a Netflix show about Siddhartha Buddha.  She said it was kind of corny but told his entire life.  She loved it so much that I decided to give it a gander.  And I loved it.  I was immediately drawn into this world I’d known very little about before.  Suddenly the life of Buddha as he grew into a man, and made his way of life much more meaningful and approachable.

Similarity of Principles

After I finished the miniseries, I spoke with my sponsor about how similar some of the Buddhist principles are to the Steps.  We decided to look into Buddhism and the 12 steps as sort of a pet project.  Little did we know… we were onto Something!

New Discovery

We found a book by a man who has worked his program with the addition of Buddhism.  His writing style makes no mystery that he is One of Us.  The next logical step was…. making a meeting of our new discovery.

Creating Meeting Format

A small group of us met up for several weeks… practicing meditation, playing with a Buddhist singing bowl, sampling incense, reading and discussing topics from our book.   Finally we managed to hammer out a workable format.  SO EXCITING!!!

Dharma At The Docks

My sponsor took our format to the board of directors for a local 12 step club.  And they agreed that we can hold our meetings there once a week.  I am completely over the moon that our Dharma at the Docks now has a home.

Magic In My Life

I never set out to revolutionize how the 12 Steps are done.  I certainly never thought to become religious.  But somehow the addition of Buddhist principles to the spiritual principles of the Anonymous programs seems to have worked some magic in my life.  I feel more centered and at ease in my own skin than I have in years.  It is apparent to me to be part of my road to a happy destiny.  Thanks Higher Power for bringing things together so that I may grow.