To Have And Spread Hope

Ready For The Challenge

Grateful And Receptive

I’m Nikki I’m an addict Today I have 187 days clean. What is better than spreading hope?  On Easter Sunday I went to the rehab I was at 2 years ago and brought a meeting.  That was a great experience and I’m grateful I get to do these service commitments today.  The people were so grateful & receptive to our stories.

Spreading Hope

This was the first time I ever shared my story besides with my sponsor. Rehab is where my journey started, that’s why I enjoy bringing a meeting there and giving them hope. A little over 6 months ago I was where they are right now.  Therefore I know that if I was able to change my life around, they can do it too.  And I believe spreading the message provides the hope they need because it did for me.

Ready For The Challenge

I have been looking into schools and decided I am ready to go back.  More importantly, I am ready for the challenge.  After some research I have decided to go into engineering.  Going back to school is so exciting, especially the opportunities it will open up for me.  I know I can do it but I also have that fear of failure. So today I’m going to go check out some schools and see what it’s going to take for me to get this going and get myself enrolled. Trust your struggle; the best is yet to come.

A grateful recovering addict Nikki